Company profile

 Qingdao BRIDGE Trading Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter founded in 2007 mainly for animal farming sector, such as equipments and facilities for poultry farm, pig as well as cattle farms. Especially for poultry industry. We produce high quality and reasonable price products, for example: drinking nipples, cooling pad, feeding pan, and so on. These quality products are well selling in Chinese market and exporting to many other countries in the world. With a proper quality control system and nice reputation in the market, we are continuing to improve and innovative new products, so as to meet the higher requirements from clients , both from China and abroa[ detailed]

Product center

  • manure belt
  • egg belt
  • H-3500 winch
  • H-1500 winch
  • Cooling pads
  • Egg hook
  • 1-7/8" Nylon Pulley
  • 3-12" Cast
  • PJ-011Drip cup
  • DW-013Nipple Drinker
  • DW-011Nipple Drinker
  • PJ-016Drip
  • PJ-020C Drip